Media Blast Cleaning


Media Blast Cleaning Technology

This revolutionary, distinctive technique uses vacuum blast methods to function, without using high pressure, water or chemicals. This is the ideal alternative to pressure washers.

Minimally-abrasive and Eco-friendly, this cleaning technology ensure a gentle clean, devarnishes and removes lacquer from surfaces using a vacuum blast method which cleans in a continuous circulation allowing for the used granules to be reprocessed in subsequent cycles.

This process can be applied within any interior space, alongside particularly endangered rooms without any issues. There is no need for any protective clothing when using this innovative cleaning technology.

Floor cleaning

Certain issues with flooring, such as complicated pollutions, limestone, rust, saltpetre and paint can be difficult and persistent – and often there is residue left behind. This cleaning technology is exceedingly helpful when cleaning floors and is also residue-free.

Stair restoration

The cleaning technology used is well suited for stair cleaning and the associated specialist requirements, media blast cleaning is compatible with such cleaning tasks due to the need that the stairs must remain accessible, and our media blast cleaning method allows for this as oppose to a pressure washer. Using the Eco-friendly machine means that there is no loss of blasting material ensuring that the work is entirely dust free whilst completing a thorough clean.

Fire damage restoration

Fire damage can be complex and further to a fire, the walls of an interior area are required to be cleaned. Common means, such as pressure washers and dry-ice blasting without closed circulation are unable to meet this need. The media blast cleaning technology is able to exceed this demand using closed circulation technology to clean the walls, with no pollution to the environment and withholding the removed grime within the machine itself.

Building restoration

Listed facades hold a variety of high requirements when being cleaned to ensure that the substances of the facades remain unharmed. The gentle cleaning technology of media blasting protects façade surfaces and causes no damage when being cleaned.

Special cleaning

There are often occasions whereby a specific unique clean is required, this is referred to as special cleaning. Pressure washers and other conventional cleaning methods can fail in such circumstances, however the vacuum blast method can be used.

Graffiti removal

The innovative technology means that graffiti can be removed from almost every surface, without any difficulty. Being Ecco-Friendly, it is the ideal option for all mineral surfaces and the perfect substitute to pressure washing.

Facade cleaning 

This new method means that complete facades can be incomparably cleaned during a public business and devoid of PPE without any harm caused to the surface, ensuring a comprehensive clean succeeds as oppose to using a pressure washer.

Efflorescence removal

Efflorescence can be incredibly difficult to remove from brickwork, however, the media blastmethod is particular successful in removal by extracting the saltpetre from the brickwork through granules and not driving it back into the material which is rather common if using a pressure washer.

Tile cleaning at thermal bath

It can be especially challenging when cleaning the non-slip tiles withing a swimming pool or thermal bath, there are many difficulties associated with the cleaning of the grout, and due to the rough and uneven exterior of the tiles, it is highly likely they will pollute. The media blast cleaning technology can remove pollutes, remaining environmentally friendly and allowing for the baths to remain open during the cleaning process and keeping disruption to a minimum.

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